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White Williams – New Violence


White Williams – New Violence
Tigerbeat6 Records (2008)

1. New Violence
2. New Violence (Remix By Stars As Eyes)
3. Violator
4. Satisfaction
5. Smoke (Remix By Curses!)

Nice Nice – Yesss!


Nice Nice – Yesss!
Audraglint Recordings (2005)

1. I’m A Human Person
2. Uh-oh
3. Control Your Areas
4. Yesss!
5. You’re A Human Person
6. (Blank)
7. Uh-oh (Caural’s Imaginary Quartet Remix)

8. Yesss! (Stars As Eyes Remix)
9. Uh-oh (DJ rupture’s Coma Teen Chart Damage Remix)

Metamatics – Rewired In My Manor


Metamatics – Rewired In My Manor
Hydrogen Dukebox (2002)

1. Dentosen (Shit HotPod) (Rewired By Yasume)
2. Days Are Gone (Here To Go) (Rewired By Verbose)
3. Pro Leash Crease (Rewired By Ilkae)
4. Cold River Testing (Rewired By Sleepy Town Manufacture)
5. Blue Moon Rising (Rewired By ENV(itre))
6. A Scene When The Train Leaves (Rewired By Sabi)
7. Shit Pod It’s Hot (Rewired By Kero)

8. Alotment Defender (Rewired by Stars As Eyes)
9. The Pod (Rewired By Kettel)
10. Minimatics (Rewired By Xela Vs. Aeiou)
11. Saint Jude (Edit) (Rewired By Bauri)
12. Byeway Clan (Rewired By Mati:K)

Marumari – The Remixes


Marumari – The Remixes
Carpark Records (2002)

1. Electric Company
2. L’usine
3. Casino vs. Japan
4. Greg Davis
5. Colongib
6. Robert Lippok
7. Lackluster
8. Cex
9. Octopus Inc.

10. Stars As Eyes

Numbers – Death


Numbers – Death
Tigerbeat6 Records (2002)

1. Prison Life (Gold Chains Remix)
2. We Like Having These Things (Williamsburg Address Mix By Kid 606)
3. Driving Song (Crash Remix By Electronikat)

4. I Have a Headache This Big (Stars As Eyes Remix)
5. Intercom (Caro Remix)
6. What Is the Product? (Dymaxion Remix)
7. We Like Having These Things (Dwayne Sodahberk Remix)
8. Human Replace (No Human Is Gonna Replace Me Mix By Original Hamster)
9. Information (Kit Clayton Remix)
10. Prison Life (Get Away Mix By GD Luxxe)
11. Driving Song (Cross Remix By Dat Politics)
12. Alphanumeric Disinformation (Uprock Rhizome Remix)
13. I Like Having These Things (Zeigenbock Kopf By Remix)